“Shabby Shack”


I don’t think I’ve officially introduced my Shabby on my blog yet.

This here is my Vintage 1968 Fleetwing Camper named “Shabby Shack”

(Yes I name all my campers and I am not alone in doing this! Check out my Sister’s campers on the SOTF site.)   Some call these a Canned Ham or a Tiny Travel Trailer but I call them Pure Cuteness!


Camp Taylor 2012


I found Shabby on Craigslist. On a whim.

Her outside is original but I plan on changing her up a bit this summer.


This was when we were pulling her home from Baltimore.

We stopped at The Turkey Hill Experience to break up the trip.

2012-03-30 15.42.31


Her inside has been totally redone.


Inside Shabby


This is my little dollhouse.

Us Sisters have a few mottos and one of them is “Making Girls Out of Women.”  When I’m in Shabby I feel like a little girl playing house. I have all the conveniences of home except for one thing… A bathroom. I’m still young so it hasn’t really become an issue yet. When it does, it’ll be time for a shack with those utilities.   Everything in Shabby has been a found item that I purchased for really cheap while junkin or thrifting or it was given to me from special friends and Sisters.


I have a few campers but this one is girls only! I take my only daughter on trips in this one. Shabby is our toy. The girl says her favorite part about camping in Shabby is waking up in the morning to the smell of Shabby, the quiet sounds and her and I being together. I’ve come to believe that alone time with each of your children is very important, especially when you have 6.


 Here is my girl on the bunk in Shabby.

2012-04-30 11.12.49


Here are some photos of Shabby’s before and afters.

2012-04-02 11.18.35


2012-03-30 13.23.532012-03-30 13.23.47


2012-05-01 18.19.07


I can’t wait till spring weather so I can open her up and sit with some coffee and my iPad and just enjoy the quiet in the mornings and also have my friends over, cause Shabby is always ready for a visit with my friends.


2012-05-03 19.47.56

As you can see, Shabby makes me very happy!

She’s my escape, my refuge from all that is wrong, my hiding place.


Thanks for visiting with my Shabby Shack!





3 Responses to 'Introducing….'

  1. Susan says:

    I’m so incredibly jealous! That is the most adorable little thing I have seen! Oh, the fun that could be had traveling and laughing and playing in it! Just perfect.

    • Q says:

      I love our time together in Shabby! I love being alone in Shabby too! We’ve taken her on trips with the family and I get so possessive and don’t want the boys touching anything. I think we just shouldn’t do that anymore…. we do have other campers and tents to use. LOL!

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