Mobile Boutiques

I’ve made some new friends ….


…completely across the country. Long distance relationships can work! YES!


I was doing some research for a Mobile Boutique business that I hope to start up real soon. Hopefully it’s possible in my area and hopefully I find some friends that maybe would want to join me in a new venture. Hopefully everything falls in place. Hopefully, hopefully….


While researching I stumbled onto my new friend’s site called Carovana. This was exciting yet crushing for me to find this because I earlier had just been choosing names for my 1970 Sprite caravan. I knew her name was to be “Clara” and eventually I came to “Claravan” for the mobile shop. I had pretty much settled on this name but then in searching other names I came across one that already existed called “Carovana“.


I contacted Kimberly, who owns Carovana, to inquire about her business, of which I found out that she and her pose were pioneers in her area just a few months before and they’re now going strong with 6 mobile shops in their gathering.

This actually gives me more hope to get mine started here in my east coast area. Hopefully!

Kimberly also assured me that she wouldn’t mind at all if I use the name Claravana even though her name was so close.

She’s way out in WA, she says, so it shouldn’t be confusing. Thanks Kimberly! You’re a Gem!


 The girls have a collective committee called Walla Walla Valley Mobile Boutiques where they meet together and plan events. They each own their own business in their campers and work together to make it work, as to give more choices to the shopper. They each have a FB page and advertise as their own business but in general they are one.

You can visit them all here….

My Carovana

Tito & Sam

Molly MaGruder

Wayfarer Boutique

Xochi Mobile Boutique

Haulin Sass

I just love this concept. Small business helping small business.


Anyhoo, I talked more with Kimberly and it turns out we have a ton in common. For one we’re the same age and also both our boys are in the USAF and both of them are Crew Chiefs. Turns out also that our boys were both at Basic at the same time. (4 wks overlapping) How cool is that??!!! Turns out too that I will be visiting her in WA this summer to go Glamping with all the girls.

Already got my tickets to fly!!  Soooo excited to meet my new friends!!!



Here are some shots of their most recent shopping event in WA.

(Thanks for allowing me to show your photos girls.)

obile boutique 6


mobile boutiques 3


mobile boutiques 4

mobile boutiques 2

mobile boutiques

mobile boutique 7


mobile boutique 5


I can not wait until Clara is finished and I can HOPEFULLY do this as well!


Would anyone like to join me in this new venture?





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7 Responses to 'Mobile Boutiques'

  1. april says:

    well now how about this? I am more than intrigued. We need to talk soon missy. very neat idea for sure. deets via email please?

  2. Brenda says:

    So cute! Definately you!!! I can’t wait!

  3. gretchen says:

    good for you! congrats on your new adventure!
    I am in the process of making jewelry for the Haulin’ Sass ladies in Walla Walla, who will soon be opening!

    • Q says:

      Thanks Gretchen! I’m excited to get started! I’m also excited for Haulin’ Sass! And btw their name is fabulous!! What kind of jewelry do you make?

  4. debbie says:

    I started a mobile boutique over a year ago, Ramblin’ Gypsy. I sell vintage items, altered art and whimsical treasures. It’s great to see so many mobile shops sprouting across the map. Keep those wheels rollin’…

    • Q says:

      Great to hear Debbie! I’d love to see photos of your Ramblin’ Gypsy! What part of the globe are you from? Sounds like a fun gig!

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