New Park, New Part of My CAL

My littlest loves visiting all the different parks in all the towns near us.
He is always telling me his favorite part of each one.
I think someday he will build one awesome park with ALL his favorite elements.
He will most likely call it “The Most Epic Park Ever”.
LBBB weeks 3&4 park
It totally slipped my mind that last Monday was the day that a new section would be posted for the CAL with Petals & Pecots.
I have not been well lately so I was not paying attention to much of what was going on around me these past couple weeks.
(Don’t worry, I’m all better now, I think)
I’m only a little behind in the CAL.
Well, not really, let’s just say I’m not as far on weeks 3 & 4 as I was starting weeks 1 & 2.
It’s quite ok, I’ve got time before the next section is posted.
For me two weeks is a long time to wait but this gives me time if I get behind like last week.
It’s all good! I’m enjoying taking my time on this CAL.
LBBB weeks 3&4 show
I have to say, I do not like this part of this pattern.
Only because I do not like weaving in so many ends.
There are ways to get around that, like some gals in the CAL have done,
but I just followed the pattern as it was written.
So much for making things easier on me.
LBBB weeks 3&4
The main reason for not liking all the loose ends is not because of the work involved but I’m worried that, this being a baby blanket,  will be washed a lot and all those loose ends will start peeking out as they are already doing.
This yarn is super soft so the ends slide easily even if woven in well.
Speaking of that, if I get a chance I want to show you how I weave in my starting ends as I go. Maybe in some diagrams or something but that’s for another post. Stay tuned…
LBBB weeks 3&4 complete
Back to the blanket…
It’s so nice to be able to see fellow CAL’s photos on the Ravelry page for this Little Boy Blue Blanket.
It helps to see if you’re doing it right. So many great color combos too.
Lots of inspiration for starting the next LBB blanket.
I am loving this blanket!! I’ve never made a blanket that was all crochet.
I have made one that was knit AND crochet.
This one will soon be available in my Etsy shop.
Now to wait for the next part….or cheat a little and look on the Lion Brand site to work ahead….
No, No, No Q, you’re not gonna do that!!
This is, after all, a Crochet-ALong not a race to finish first!!
LBBB weeks 3&4 swing

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Happy Park Day!




5 Responses to 'New Park, New Part of My CAL'

  1. Kara says:

    It’s looking great!

  2. Catherine says:

    Glad you’re feeling better! Love to follow your crochet projects!

    • Q says:

      Thanks Cath! Hope you’re doing good! When do I get to see you again? I’m sure it will be at some late, late, all-into-the-night girl party. ha!

      • Catherine says:

        lol…I still remember Brenda and Mom baking cookies into the early morning! I want a little of their energy! Needless to say, I just fell asleep right in the living room! Until we get together again, take good care and I’ll keep my eye out for your next project!

  3. EllyD says:

    Enjoyed your post about the CAL. I like how you photographed yours. If I make this one again I think I’d do it a bit differently. Didn’t like weaving in all those ends on mine.

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