Oops, She Did It Again!

She got asked to test another pattern.


I was asked again by Susan of Felted Button to test her newest crochet pattern. Last time, I tested her Paintbrush Pattern. I was actually surprised that she chose me again but anyhoo, YAY ME!! I love testing for Susan because the sky is the limit with her patterns. She is a genius with color and stitch patterns. I’ve learned so much just by testing for her, in fact she was a guest blogger on CrochetHappy today. Check it out HERE.


The pattern I tested is called the Candy Stick Blanket and I knew right away what my inspiration was gonna be when I saw the name.


One day my kids and I were taking a trip to IKEA on our way to fetch my husband from the airport. We needed to eat so we had dinner at Cracker Barrel. My daughter loves shopping in their attached Country Store. She found the Webkins baskets. Then she found one that she “had to have mommy!” “I’ll pay you back Mommy!” “Please Mommy, it’s a rare one!” Well even with all that pleading and begging I didn’t cave. Yay mom! Poor Em!

My bad! Because for weeks all I heard about was that Webkins thing that “Mom wouldn’t let her get” We pay in some way no matter the decision we make don’t we?!

Well, Just so happens that my son needed to go to IKEA which is near the Cracker Barrel where we saw the thing so I took the chance while he sat in the car to run in and try to find it in those baskets. All the time thinking it won’t be there, it’s been too long… well low-and-behold it was in the bottom basket shoved under all the other ones. I bet she did that weeks ago. That would be just like her to attempt the ‘hide and retrieve later, night before black Friday’ trick.

Yes, I caved!


Meet "Candy Googles" The girl's Factory Named Webkinz Pet.

Meet “Candy Googles” The girl’s Factory Named Webkinz Pet.

I made “Candy Googles” her welcome home gift from a week away with her cousin.


Anyhoo, back to Susan’s Candy Stick Blanket Pattern

This photo is from her newly released pattern.

You can find it on Etsy, Craftsy and Ravelry. Click the photo below and you will find the links on Susan’s post.

candy stick blanket


My girl helped me find just the right colors to match Candy Googles and I got to work on digging into Susan’s new pattern. I LOVE learning new things!!  I found only a couple typos and glad I was able to help her out with this one because now I have, what seems to me, when I test, to be a gift from Susan.


 CSPillow 4



This was made with a wool sport coat that I found at the thrift store. I felted it in my washer then cut out a section for the backing. I think I paid $1. for the coat.

CSPattern 1


I decided to add tassels because it sat so high up and thought tassels would fill that space well. Plus my daughter will get a kick out of those. PomPoms would have looked nice too.


CSPillow 2


I started making the Candy Stick Blanket just to test for Susan. I was going to frog out the border after I completed my 12 rows and a border of the pattern and continue on. Well, it turned out that it seemed to me to be another perfect pillow cover just like my last pattern testing for Susan.

If you remember this one, my first one.

Paintbrush Pillow WM


This newest one seemed to go a little faster for me, after all it was really only two different stitches and one of those was a chain. Super simple… Candy Googles says you can do this one!!


CSPillow 3


It looks really sweet in her room too!

CSPillow 5

My son came home today from being a counselor at the camp she is at this week (they gave him a small break) so after taking these photos I packed her pillow plus Candy Googles(plus the twin sheet that she forgot to pack for her bed) into a sweet bag and asked my son to place it on her bed at camp. She’s gonna be so happy that it’s finished AND that she got a gift from Mom AND she gets to have it to cuddle at camp! (Brownie points for mom!)


Head on over to FeltedButton and look at Susan’s patterns. Her Patterns are chock full of photos and explanations so you should not have a problem conquering any of them.


Please comment below with your thoughts on my newest pillow.

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Happy Hooking!


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  1. Sandy says:

    Your colors, border and back are terrific! Well done and I love Red!

  2. Gail Berger says:

    Super job! You are GREAT!!!

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