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In Sept of 2012 I joined with my Sisters on the Fly Sisters to display a few of our campers at the Country Living Fair in Columbus, OH. All weekend we had our campers on display for all the visitors to take a peek and get an idea of what we do and how we set up our campers when we go glamping with SOTF.

A  Sister friend on Facebook pointed me to a blog that featured our campers at the Country Living Fair 2012. It’s so fun when you see photos of yours and your friend’s sweet campers. After all, we display to show them off and share the love!

Myrtle and May
 wrote about her time at CLF and how she enjoyed seeing our campers. You can see her photos from her link.

Melody, Sister #2649 (1st photo below) took all of these photos. She is one of my Sisters who attended the show with us. She lives near the fairgrounds unlike most of us other Sisters who traveled 8-10 hrs to get there.  Hi Melody!!!!! Oh, BTW, Melody is actually in that Glamping book AND I KNOW HER!!!

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Hi LENA!!!!!   Go ahead, click on the photo!  ^                       melody clf 2012 6 melody clf 2012 8melody clf 2012 9


Vintage Bliss also wrote about her visit but sadly I hadn’t arrived yet to the fair and didn’t have my Shabby open.

Thanks girls for featuring us Sisters and our trailers!



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  1. Love it! Q you have a beautiful blog. Thanks for show me in this blog. Still LOVE my pitcher I got

    Check out my blog:

    • Q says:

      Thanks friend!
      I saw you used it on your table around Christmas time. Don’t you just love when you find a treasure that you can actually use?!


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