Spin Me Round~Round!


Merry~Go~Rounds are super fun!

I’m surprised that my youngest actually went back on this one this week.

Last time he got super sick and didn’t want to do anything for the rest of the day.

I guess he forgot that horrible sickly feeling.


Just this springy/wiggly board, that my LBB blanket is laying on in the photo below, made me sick this week.

My DD decided it would be hilarious to wiggle and giggle me for a couple minutes until I was able to gather all my stuff and jump off.






CAL week 7&8 1



My CAL Park Hoppin’ Blanket is growing nicely.

I use it to keep me warm while working on it.

This is why crocheting in the winter is convenient, your project becomes your comfort.


My Sister, April, was absolutely correct in saying that the yellow/gold color should go next.

I’m actually not minding the red and green anymore.


Also she said that my blanket looks very cowboyish, I totally agree! Thanks Sis!


CAL week 7&8 2

Next color shall be….ummmm???…..Green?


CAL week 7&8 3



Keep Warm!


3 Responses to 'Spin Me Round~Round!'

  1. April T says:

    you trying to make me a star? ;) looks great. and yay to the boy for getting back up on that horse! ;)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with your sister. Your blanet is very southwestern. Can hardly wait to see the finished project.

  3. Kara says:

    It is coming out soooo awesome! I love, love, love your color choices!

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