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Ottoman Cover


I’m lovin this ottoman cover I caught onto this morning over at annavirginia.

. photo



I’m in a super rush this morning (I’m taking my daughter for the dreaded PSSA’s. She’s not happy and we’re not morning people!)  so I didn’t have a ton of time to look through the pattern but I will do that first thing when I get home.


You can find Annavirginia’s pattern HERE and if you click on the photo.


See you when we are happier and testing is over. ha




Paintbrush Cowl

Never ending possibilities with this pattern.


Lookie what Susan at Felted Button did with her Paintbrush pattern.

felted buttons cowl 2

Photo by Felted Button

felted buttons cowl

Photo by Felted Button


So pretty!


I’m still working on my second Paintbrush Pillow

Photos available soon.

Just finished felting the pillow back.

Was able to find a 100% wool blazer in a color that will do at the thrift shop for just $.50 Yay me!


Stay tuned!




Online Crochet Class


Another Pillow?

A Bolster Pillow

via blancouleur

I’ve been wanting to make one of these bolster pillows for a while now….

This one from blancouleur: af!. just might do.

Perhaps use the Paintbrush Pillow pattern???


Your thoughts???



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Gift Giving

Bird gift sneek peek

I have this friend who is so special that I’m making her something.


A fun something.


A cheery something.


A Spring something.


Hope she likes it!



Rushing Summer! Heck Yeah!!!

Summer Watermelons OR Easter Eggs????


Photo by Melody Gilmore

Photo by Melody Gilmore

My Sister friend Melody shared this photo on her Facebook page and I just think these are the greatest!

If you don’t know already, I’m a summer girl and yes Easter is kinda the springboard for summer.

These sure make me think of Summer!!


Melody (I talk about her HERE) says….

“Looking through an old album of craft projects. Almost forgot about this pic from ’96, Easter eggs I decorated as watermelons. Simple dye (light) green and sponge stripes (green food coloring straight from the tube). So cute…and seedless!”


I’ll say they’re cute and not your normal run of the mill Easter eggs.

This kinda crafting I always welcome!


Do you have any awesome decorated eggs to show us?

Let us know in the comment section of this post.


Have a wonderful Resurrection Holiday!


Spring Fever Continued

Well, we must be in a bubble, the storms keep missing us! 


As promised I finished my Spring Fever project.

Can you just not even stand the cottontail on these critters?!!!

Cuteness X 2!


 Janette from The Green Dragonfly shared her pattern just in time for me to make some adorable bunnies for Easter.

IMG_6239 WM



IMG_6243 WM


Just perfect for my little’s Easter baskets!

IMG_6227 WM

Best friends are forever! They are!!

IMG_6240 WM


These cuties are available in my Etsy store. SOLD! Just ask, I’ll make more. ;)

IMG_6231 WM


 You can find Janette’s pattern/tutorial HERE. Thanks Janette! The Green Dragonfly.

You can also see her pattern HERE.

Outside my window I see buds on the pear tree! Spring is coming!!



Easter Blessings just a little early!





Think Spring

I think I’ve got Spring Fever…


A storm is on it’s way, so they say…. so I decided to make something to take the gloomies away.


I’ll show you more in my next post.

How bout you? Are you itching for Spring to be here???


Spring Blessings to you, hopefully soon!