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Would You Shop at a Mobile Boutique?

Please answer with your thoughts in the reply section below. 


 If you’ve read my last post I’m wondering if I’ve got you thinking more about Mobile Boutiques?


Question is….

If one were available in your area, would you shop at a gathering of Mobile Boutiques?


Imagine if you will…

…A collection of Mobile Boutiques on a Saturday morning in that empty lot in your town. One to get your Saturday morning coffee and a pastry with cafe chairs and tables along side(I would ride my bike to enjoy this!), one to find that gift for that baby or wedding shower you’re going to next Saturday, one for that scarf you’ve been wanting for your new spring outfit you just bought, one for that vintage item you’ve been looking for all year, Then…get this… have lunch at the Sandwich or Pizza Camper when you’re done.

I could go on and on!!


I know it’s not a new idea, I’ve done my research,

but Mobile Boutiques would be a new idea in my area.


Below are some other ideas for Mobile Boutiques from my Pinterest page.

(I’m not gonna leave a link for each photo but know that each photo is linked to my Pinterest for you to look into its origin.)




How bout a photo gallery for your photography business?


Rollin’ down the runway.


Be still my heart!





I’m trying to get my friend Sally to jump on this band wagon. She would do great!


My Lil’ Bity could even be a Mobile Boutique.

(You will hear more about her later on my blog, she’s a cutie…stay tuned)


Do you have a sweet tooth?


Haberdash is so funky and cool!


Gladys was the first shop that I saw online and that’s when I fell in LOVE!!


My friend Kimberly says she’s been to this one and that it’s awesome!


Lemonade anyone??

This lemonade stand was at the Country Living Fair in Columbus when we displayed for SOTF.

HERE is a link to my post about the fair.



The endless ideas for shops just amazes me. I actually haven’t gotten mine narrowed down yet but I’ve got ideas.

From food trucks to retail to even a salon in a camper. How about a place to get a mani-pedi? Wow!

All are doable.

I think it’s just a funky idea and I want to see it through.


Hope you enjoyed this post and all my CrAzY ideas!



Don’t forget to leave your input in the Reply section. Thanks so much!

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Mobile Boutiques

I’ve made some new friends ….


…completely across the country. Long distance relationships can work! YES!


I was doing some research for a Mobile Boutique business that I hope to start up real soon. Hopefully it’s possible in my area and hopefully I find some friends that maybe would want to join me in a new venture. Hopefully everything falls in place. Hopefully, hopefully….


While researching I stumbled onto my new friend’s site called Carovana. This was exciting yet crushing for me to find this because I earlier had just been choosing names for my 1970 Sprite caravan. I knew her name was to be “Clara” and eventually I came to “Claravan” for the mobile shop. I had pretty much settled on this name but then in searching other names I came across one that already existed called “Carovana“.


I contacted Kimberly, who owns Carovana, to inquire about her business, of which I found out that she and her pose were pioneers in her area just a few months before and they’re now going strong with 6 mobile shops in their gathering.

This actually gives me more hope to get mine started here in my east coast area. Hopefully!

Kimberly also assured me that she wouldn’t mind at all if I use the name Claravana even though her name was so close.

She’s way out in WA, she says, so it shouldn’t be confusing. Thanks Kimberly! You’re a Gem!


 The girls have a collective committee called Walla Walla Valley Mobile Boutiques where they meet together and plan events. They each own their own business in their campers and work together to make it work, as to give more choices to the shopper. They each have a FB page and advertise as their own business but in general they are one.

You can visit them all here….

My Carovana

Tito & Sam

Molly MaGruder

Wayfarer Boutique

Xochi Mobile Boutique

Haulin Sass

I just love this concept. Small business helping small business.


Anyhoo, I talked more with Kimberly and it turns out we have a ton in common. For one we’re the same age and also both our boys are in the USAF and both of them are Crew Chiefs. Turns out also that our boys were both at Basic at the same time. (4 wks overlapping) How cool is that??!!! Turns out too that I will be visiting her in WA this summer to go Glamping with all the girls.

Already got my tickets to fly!!  Soooo excited to meet my new friends!!!



Here are some shots of their most recent shopping event in WA.

(Thanks for allowing me to show your photos girls.)

obile boutique 6


mobile boutiques 3


mobile boutiques 4

mobile boutiques 2

mobile boutiques

mobile boutique 7


mobile boutique 5


I can not wait until Clara is finished and I can HOPEFULLY do this as well!


Would anyone like to join me in this new venture?





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Another Pillow?

A Bolster Pillow

via blancouleur

I’ve been wanting to make one of these bolster pillows for a while now….

This one from blancouleur: af!. just might do.

Perhaps use the Paintbrush Pillow pattern???


Your thoughts???



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Church Purse

Did you have a church purse when you were little? I did!


I also had one of these but that’s another post.

Photo from Yahoo/ebay

Photo from Yahoo/ebay

Anyhoo, I wanted to make a Church Purse with the baby like this one from ThriftyFun

but I had a hard time finding the little babies online…

photo by ThriftyFun

photo by ThriftyFun

I’ll have to check some of my craft stores when I go shopping.

Instead I made one just to carry little things.

Little girls LOVE little things!

Church Purse

Yup, You guessed it… I used the bottom of a soda bottle. Really, any plastic bottle would work.

Just cut off the bottom and punch holes in with a hole puncher.

Church Purse

Maybe if I find some little dollies that would work, I’ll make a cradle church purse.

Let me know if you’re interested in one for a little girl you know…. I’d probably get on that a bit quicker.

Also please leave a comment with your memories of your church purse. I’d love to hear about it!


Here’s the pattern from ThriftyFun

Craft Project: Baby Cradle Purse

This is also sometimes called a Church Purse. It is crocheted using a dishwashing detergent bottle for a base. Any oval bottle will work. When it is closed it is a purse, and opened it is a baby cradle.


Detergent bottle, oval shape

3 ply yarn, baby or sport

3 inch baby doll or size to fit

Scrap of fabric for a blanket

Heavy Duty Shears

1/4 inch paper punch

Crochet hook size F


Remove label from bottle and cut 2 inches above the bottom with heavy duty scissors. Punch holes around edge of bottle, approximately 1/4 inch apart.

Using crochet hook, size F, crochet the “Bonnet” first.

Ch 2. Make 7 HDC in first Ch. Ch 2 and turn. (Ch 2 counts as first HDC in next row).

2nd Row: 2 HDC in 1st st. 1 HDC in next 4 sts, 3 HDC in last st. Ch 2; turn.

3rd Row: 2 HDC in 1st st. *HDC in next st. Repeat from * across, ending with 3 HDC in last st. Ch 2; turn.

4th Row: HDC in each of first 3 sts. 2 HDC in each of next 6 sts. HDC in each of last 3 sts. Ch 2; turn.

5th & 6th Rows: 1 HDC in each st across. Ch 2; turn.

7th Row: 1 DC in each st across. Do not end off.

Invert the bonnet into bottle as show in photo. Make 2 SC in each hole around the edge of the bottle, catching the edge of the bonnet as you go. Join with a Sl St.

2nd rnd: Ch 2, 2 DC in first st. * Skip 2 sts; 3 DC in next st. Repeat from * around. Join with Sl St to top of first shell. This row is the base row for the shell st pattern.

3rd, 4th, & 5th Rows: 3DC in each space between shells. Repeat ending each round with Sl St to op of first shell.

6th Row: (Beading Row) Ch 3 *sk 2 sts. HDC in next st; ch 1. Repeat around. Join with Sl St to top of Ch 3.

7th Row: in first ch 1 space make 1 SC, 1 HDC, 1 DC. In next ch 1 space, 1 DC, 1 HDC, 1 sc. Repeat around. Join with Sl St.

Make 2 Drawstrings: Ch 85 and end off for each one. Thread through the beading row beginning each string from opposite sides, and knot the ends. You may attach pompoms to hide the knots if you wish.

By Harlean from Hot Springs, Arkansas

via Craft Project: Baby Cradle Purse | ThriftyFun.


Happy crocheting!





Fun Stuff Quick


Just another one of my unfinished ideas.


Are you the kind of person who wants to get to the fun stuff quick? I sure am. Maybe this is why I have so many things still in progress. I get bored with things very quickly. How do I ever finish anything? I do, honestly I do finish things!


Do your ideas stay just that…ideas… and never come to be? Mine do! I have LOTS and LOTS of ideas in my head but once something else flashes brightly in front of me I lose that idea or thought and move onto that newest bright thing. At least I do until I’ve recalled that other idea several times. Sometimes I just can’t get a thought out of my head until I complete it or just see if I can accomplish that idea. I usually do finish with such satisfaction, if it’s been bouncing in my head a while!!! The joys of a crafty mind!

Just like this blog has been bouncing around in my head for about three years now, I also have other ideas of which you will see here in my future posts on QCreated.

Website Complete

I’ve done it, I figured out the hows, whats, whys and wheres of setting up a website, now I just hope you can hang in there for just a little while until I get all this blogging stuff straightened out.  This has been one of those things that has not left my mind and I am very excited to be joining the blogger world! It’s taken me about four days to set this website up and I’ve really enjoyed learning the process of website building!

Bloggers amaze me!

Kudos to all the bloggers out there in blog land! I don’t know how some of them post every single day. I’m sure I’ll figure it out though. The thing with blogging is that every post is new and I’m sure it will be perfect for me because I have all those ideas that are bouncing around this noggin of mine to pull from for my posts.

I’d love your feedback!

If while browsing through my blog you see something that I could approve on or you know what would make QCreated easier to navigate through, please let me know. I’d gladly take any kind of critiquing from anyone who is willing to give me their input.

Have you ever had an idea in your head and you were not happy until you finished it and could actually hold it in your hand? I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!