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Spin Me Round~Round!


Merry~Go~Rounds are super fun!

I’m surprised that my youngest actually went back on this one this week.

Last time he got super sick and didn’t want to do anything for the rest of the day.

I guess he forgot that horrible sickly feeling.


Just this springy/wiggly board, that my LBB blanket is laying on in the photo below, made me sick this week.

My DD decided it would be hilarious to wiggle and giggle me for a couple minutes until I was able to gather all my stuff and jump off.






CAL week 7&8 1



My CAL Park Hoppin’ Blanket is growing nicely.

I use it to keep me warm while working on it.

This is why crocheting in the winter is convenient, your project becomes your comfort.


My Sister, April, was absolutely correct in saying that the yellow/gold color should go next.

I’m actually not minding the red and green anymore.


Also she said that my blanket looks very cowboyish, I totally agree! Thanks Sis!


CAL week 7&8 2

Next color shall be….ummmm???…..Green?


CAL week 7&8 3



Keep Warm!


CAL = Crochet A-Long

I’m so excited to be joining in on Petals and Picots CAL.
I’ve never done a CAL before so this should be pretty fun.
Some of these, what I like to call “parties”, don’t let you know what the end result will be. This CAL isn’t like that, I saw the beautiful photo of the blanket (below) and just had to join in.
(I don’t think I would join in on a CAL where I didn’t know what the end result would be! Would you?)
Petals to Picots

Photo from PtoP

This CAL is setup so that every 2 weeks you get another section of the pattern. You can work at your own pace throughout the two weeks until another section is posted. Hopefully 2 weeks is plenty of time to complete that given section. I hope I don’t get too bored waiting for the next part, although I do have enough other projects started to keep me busy.
(Does anyone ever just have one project going at a time? “Not I” said Q)
You can find the details to the CAL here on Ravelry or on Facebook or on the Petals and Picots Blog.
Always something new on PtoP!
This morning I woke up anxiously anticipating the first post of the pattern. I was hoping that it would be posted before we left for our day at the park, and it was!!! Yay me!!
My color selections.

Color Choices for CAL

I’m using the yarn that the pattern suggested (Lion Brand’s Heartland Yarn Collection) with only one color switch up. (because the store didn’t have the one color that was needed)
This pattern is hooked up with a K size hook.
My gauge swatch.
Guage 2
Who else never makes a gauge before you start a project? I’m so bad. This time I completed one because I knew I was going to be posting about it so I thought I would be an obedient student.
For those of you who are just starting to crochet or knit, a gauge is a set number of stitches that you work before you start your pattern so that you can see if you are using the correct hook size for the tension that you work. You need the correct size so that your finished item turns out the size that the pattern says it will. (In this case the gauge is 11dc by 6 rows = 4″)
Everyone crochets or knits with a different tension so you may need to go up or down on your hook size depending on how tight or loose you make your stitches. A beginner’s stitches may vary with every stitch. With practice your stitches will become uniform in size.
Luckily I had a tape measure in the car and it turns out that my gauge is a go!!
Whew, got thru that part!
Q's Gauge for CAL
When one of my kids has a class in another town we plan our day accordingly by entertaining the others elsewhere. Today we brought along our lunch and then the littles played, did some school and I did my thing with my hook.
Lunch at park
I only had to frog one row because I missed one DC in the one corner.
That happened when the kids came over and wanted me to push them on the swings.
If only we never had interruptions while crocheting!
First section of Little Boy Blue Blanket CAL
I can’t believe I have to wait two whole weeks for the next section!!
Am I gonna be able to handle the long wait?
We shall see.
Have you ever joined in on a CAL or a KAL(Knit A-Long)?
Tell me about it in the comments, I’d love to hear what you’ve done!

Click here for weeks  3 & 4   >


Live simply,