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Spin Me Round~Round!


Merry~Go~Rounds are super fun!

I’m surprised that my youngest actually went back on this one this week.

Last time he got super sick and didn’t want to do anything for the rest of the day.

I guess he forgot that horrible sickly feeling.


Just this springy/wiggly board, that my LBB blanket is laying on in the photo below, made me sick this week.

My DD decided it would be hilarious to wiggle and giggle me for a couple minutes until I was able to gather all my stuff and jump off.






CAL week 7&8 1



My CAL Park Hoppin’ Blanket is growing nicely.

I use it to keep me warm while working on it.

This is why crocheting in the winter is convenient, your project becomes your comfort.


My Sister, April, was absolutely correct in saying that the yellow/gold color should go next.

I’m actually not minding the red and green anymore.


Also she said that my blanket looks very cowboyish, I totally agree! Thanks Sis!


CAL week 7&8 2

Next color shall be….ummmm???…..Green?


CAL week 7&8 3



Keep Warm!


Giddy Up!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


I’m a little late in getting my week 5&6 CAL post out, please forgive me!


I’ve been super busy clearing stuff from my house/life.

(stay tuned for some posts on this subject soon)

It’s a process and our life is becoming simpler every day.  I just love it!!


I reccomend downsizing to anyone because it really does make everything easier.

Check out Joshua’s Blog Becoming Minimalist, it’s very inspiring!


I really can’t wait until we’ve reached our goal, although, I’ve heard that the process never ends when minimalizing. Whatever! I’ll take this simpler life any day!


becoming minimalist


We’re moving right along on our CAL with PtoP.

I’ve steered away from the recommended color choices and used red in my rotation.

I’m gonna be honest…. I’m not lovin’ it!

It seems a little Christmasy to me, we’ll see how it goes.





Because I’ve been busy cleaning out stuff, we didn’t get out to the park this week.

Instead we enjoyed our own playground in our yard.

This horse has been around for about 24 years. Almost ready to be retired I think.

He’s done his duty making 6 kids and their friends happy for their whole child hood. I think we’ve only changed the rope once since we put him up and, oddly enough, he’s never had a name.






In the next row I think I’ll put a pop of yellow again. We shall see.





Now that I look at it, the red and green kinda look like tulips or roses.

Roses on a boys blanket…. ummmm!

What do you think?



Well, I hope you’re having a great week and so you know,

I’m almost finished with the next part so be looking for that post real soon.


< Click here to see weeks 3&4 of my CAL




Giddy Up!




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 I’m not sure how else to go about this test so if you would, I’d surely appreciate you taking your time to comment.

Thanks so much!


Ottoman Cover


I’m lovin this ottoman cover I caught onto this morning over at annavirginia.

. photo



I’m in a super rush this morning (I’m taking my daughter for the dreaded PSSA’s. She’s not happy and we’re not morning people!)  so I didn’t have a ton of time to look through the pattern but I will do that first thing when I get home.


You can find Annavirginia’s pattern HERE and if you click on the photo.


See you when we are happier and testing is over. ha




Paintbrush Cowl

Never ending possibilities with this pattern.


Lookie what Susan at Felted Button did with her Paintbrush pattern.

felted buttons cowl 2

Photo by Felted Button

felted buttons cowl

Photo by Felted Button


So pretty!


I’m still working on my second Paintbrush Pillow

Photos available soon.

Just finished felting the pillow back.

Was able to find a 100% wool blazer in a color that will do at the thrift shop for just $.50 Yay me!


Stay tuned!




Online Crochet Class


Another Pillow?

A Bolster Pillow

via blancouleur

I’ve been wanting to make one of these bolster pillows for a while now….

This one from blancouleur: af!. just might do.

Perhaps use the Paintbrush Pillow pattern???


Your thoughts???



Hey Bloggers…. Join Craftsy’s Affiliate Program Today


Gift Giving

Bird gift sneek peek

I have this friend who is so special that I’m making her something.


A fun something.


A cheery something.


A Spring something.


Hope she likes it!






Introducing Q’s version…


….of my new friend Susan’s pattern of the Paintbrush Pillow at Felted Button.

WoW, that was a mouthful.


Anyhoo, for those who haven’t been keeping up,

I was chosen by Susan to test this pattern for a pillow.

I was so excited to have been chosen that I got right to work

and here is my finished Paintbrush Pillow.


Paintbrush Pillow WM


I just love it!

This pattern can have a modern look as well as the classic crochet look like Susan’s.

felted button


I keep watching Ravelry to see if anyone has started their own. Just to see how different it can look.


Paintbrush Pillow 3 WM

I used my grandmother’s vintage buttons to close it up on the edge instead of using a cardigan sweater and closing up the center. I also made mine in a rectangle instead of a square.


Paintbrush Pillow 7 WM


Paintbrush Pillow 2 WM


Paintbrush Pillow 6 WM


I hope you liked my version and that you try this pattern out yourself.


This pillow will soon be listed in my Etsy Shop.

If it’s not there and you want one like it please convo me on Etsy or here on my QCreated site.


I love comments! Tell me what you think!


Happy Hooking!!






::Paintbrush Pillow Cover & Afghan Pattern::

Well, she finished the pattern.


I have not yet finished my cover but I did give Susan my feedback on the pattern.

I found it easy to put together and the pattern has flow. I could see myself completing an entire afghan with this pattern.

Susan calls this the Paintbrush Pillow Cover.

felted button


The pattern is ready and you can find it herehere, or here


The pillow back is a felted sweater.  Easy peasy!

felted button 2



My completed pillow will be photographed soon.

Mine’s just a little different in that mine is rectangle because, well, a rectangle pillow form was cheaper to buy.

$5. cheaper and that’s pretty significant if you ask me. I’m always looking for the cheaper way to do things.

That’s how I roll. ha


Stay tuned….




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Photos via Felted Button: ::Paintbrush Pillow Cover & Afghan Pattern::.


…A pattern.



I was asked to test a pattern for this pillow.

Isn’t it just the cutest!

Mine won’t be quite as colorful cause I just got asked tonight and what I have on hand is what I have to use.

Test pattern


I’ll give photo credits for the above photo and let you know who I’m testing for in a couple days.

This is Susan’s photo from Felted Button. She will soon have this pattern available to you.

I can’t wait to see how other crocheters use their colors in this pattern!

I’d take my own photos of my progress but it’s way too dark tonight to get a good shot.

(Just hope I’m not breaking any photo posting rules, sorry if I am)


When I’m finished, and she’s posted her pattern, I’ll give ya a heads up and a link to her pattern.


I’m just so excited that I got asked to do this and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!



Stay tuned!!




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Church Purse

Did you have a church purse when you were little? I did!


I also had one of these but that’s another post.

Photo from Yahoo/ebay

Photo from Yahoo/ebay

Anyhoo, I wanted to make a Church Purse with the baby like this one from ThriftyFun

but I had a hard time finding the little babies online…

photo by ThriftyFun

photo by ThriftyFun

I’ll have to check some of my craft stores when I go shopping.

Instead I made one just to carry little things.

Little girls LOVE little things!

Church Purse

Yup, You guessed it… I used the bottom of a soda bottle. Really, any plastic bottle would work.

Just cut off the bottom and punch holes in with a hole puncher.

Church Purse

Maybe if I find some little dollies that would work, I’ll make a cradle church purse.

Let me know if you’re interested in one for a little girl you know…. I’d probably get on that a bit quicker.

Also please leave a comment with your memories of your church purse. I’d love to hear about it!


Here’s the pattern from ThriftyFun

Craft Project: Baby Cradle Purse

This is also sometimes called a Church Purse. It is crocheted using a dishwashing detergent bottle for a base. Any oval bottle will work. When it is closed it is a purse, and opened it is a baby cradle.


Detergent bottle, oval shape

3 ply yarn, baby or sport

3 inch baby doll or size to fit

Scrap of fabric for a blanket

Heavy Duty Shears

1/4 inch paper punch

Crochet hook size F


Remove label from bottle and cut 2 inches above the bottom with heavy duty scissors. Punch holes around edge of bottle, approximately 1/4 inch apart.

Using crochet hook, size F, crochet the “Bonnet” first.

Ch 2. Make 7 HDC in first Ch. Ch 2 and turn. (Ch 2 counts as first HDC in next row).

2nd Row: 2 HDC in 1st st. 1 HDC in next 4 sts, 3 HDC in last st. Ch 2; turn.

3rd Row: 2 HDC in 1st st. *HDC in next st. Repeat from * across, ending with 3 HDC in last st. Ch 2; turn.

4th Row: HDC in each of first 3 sts. 2 HDC in each of next 6 sts. HDC in each of last 3 sts. Ch 2; turn.

5th & 6th Rows: 1 HDC in each st across. Ch 2; turn.

7th Row: 1 DC in each st across. Do not end off.

Invert the bonnet into bottle as show in photo. Make 2 SC in each hole around the edge of the bottle, catching the edge of the bonnet as you go. Join with a Sl St.

2nd rnd: Ch 2, 2 DC in first st. * Skip 2 sts; 3 DC in next st. Repeat from * around. Join with Sl St to top of first shell. This row is the base row for the shell st pattern.

3rd, 4th, & 5th Rows: 3DC in each space between shells. Repeat ending each round with Sl St to op of first shell.

6th Row: (Beading Row) Ch 3 *sk 2 sts. HDC in next st; ch 1. Repeat around. Join with Sl St to top of Ch 3.

7th Row: in first ch 1 space make 1 SC, 1 HDC, 1 DC. In next ch 1 space, 1 DC, 1 HDC, 1 sc. Repeat around. Join with Sl St.

Make 2 Drawstrings: Ch 85 and end off for each one. Thread through the beading row beginning each string from opposite sides, and knot the ends. You may attach pompoms to hide the knots if you wish.

By Harlean from Hot Springs, Arkansas

via Craft Project: Baby Cradle Purse | ThriftyFun.


Happy crocheting!





Spring Fever Continued

Well, we must be in a bubble, the storms keep missing us! 


As promised I finished my Spring Fever project.

Can you just not even stand the cottontail on these critters?!!!

Cuteness X 2!


 Janette from The Green Dragonfly shared her pattern just in time for me to make some adorable bunnies for Easter.

IMG_6239 WM



IMG_6243 WM


Just perfect for my little’s Easter baskets!

IMG_6227 WM

Best friends are forever! They are!!

IMG_6240 WM


These cuties are available in my Etsy store. SOLD! Just ask, I’ll make more. ;)

IMG_6231 WM


 You can find Janette’s pattern/tutorial HERE. Thanks Janette! The Green Dragonfly.

You can also see her pattern HERE.

Outside my window I see buds on the pear tree! Spring is coming!!



Easter Blessings just a little early!





Think Spring

I think I’ve got Spring Fever…


A storm is on it’s way, so they say…. so I decided to make something to take the gloomies away.


I’ll show you more in my next post.

How bout you? Are you itching for Spring to be here???


Spring Blessings to you, hopefully soon!



Pattern Writing

Pattern writing is messy work!

Pattern writing is messy work.


Almost finished writing two crochet patterns. The process is time consuming and trial and error is always involved but it’s very rewarding in the end. These will soon be launched here on my site, one for free and one for sale in my Etsy store. I promise!


Here is a link to my very first written pattern of a bracelet. This pattern is available in my Etsy store for you to make or if you’re not a crocheter, I also have some bracelets pre-made for you to purchase. If you ever would like a certain color or size, just convo me in my Etsy store and I’d be more then happy to make a special one for you.


Now back to my task at hand…